The company

Our company operates in the domain of replacement engine parts for automobiles, pickup trucks and any type of machines since 1974. We differ from other stores that sell all the automobile components and spare parts. We do not sell brakes, suspension, electrical goods, automobile body parts or any other automotive accessories. We do not even sell bearings or gaskets. This means that we may totally focus on our specialized market. In our store you will find a wide range of crankshafts, cylinder heads, engine blocks, connecting rods, camshafts, pistons, oil pumps, rocker arms, valve lifters, oil sumps and pulleys for all makes.

Over the years we have created a huge database including features registered in detail for any spare part we have. Casting numbers, OEM codes, alternative codes, dimensions and tolerance of crankshaft journals, height of cylinder heads are some of them. This helps us provide specific and organized information for our spare parts to our customers. Based on years of experience, we commit and assure that the spare part we sell perfectly matches the spare part you are looking for. The constant follow-up on new technologies enables our continuous development and helps us to be ready to respond to anything you request from us.