Returns Policy

All our items prior to packaging have been marked so that in case of return we can be certain that they are ours.

You are entitled to return the whole order or part thereof within a period of 14 calendar days from the day you received it. In the event of expiry of this deadline, you lose any such right. Instruction on return will be given, provided that it is accepted by the company.

If the reason for return concerns a mistake made by the company, the cost shall be incurred by the latter. The company shall be at fault:

-In all cases in which products other than the ones sold, by type or quantity, are delivered
-In the event that during transport the entire spare part or the largest part thereof was damaged
-In the event that the spare part you received is defective and the defect is not mentioned in its card or is not shown in the respective images

A cylinder head checked for cracks in a cylinder crack testing machine that turns out to be broken and is not referred in its part condition, as well as bent crankshafts are reimbursed in full by our company

Returns of new spare parts will be accepted only if they are delivered in their original packaging and have not been used. Returns of products that are received damaged at the fault of the customer will not be accepted. Finally, if the returned spare part is checked and if it is established that it does not bear the mark of our company or does not have the defect implied by the customer as being the reason for its return, then no compensation will be provided.

In the event that the customer wishes to return his order, in part or in whole, without the company being at fault, then the shipping cost as well as the management cost amounting to the 25% of the product value shall be incurred by the consumer itself.

In any case, the customer shall be reimbursed accordingly within 3 working days from the date we will receive the products by deposit of the relevant amount into its bank account.